Bri #Gemini

Boss💖 #BirthdayGirl #SheLovesMoney #SmartOne #PaperChaser

I can’t believe your 2 years old today☺️ Happy Birthday Katalia 💖 #BirthdayGirl #TroubleTwos #LetThePicturesBegin #MyPrincess

So I joined a raffle for $3 and I won all this ☺️ If I were you ladies I would join too! I won a lipstick, lipgloss, a blush, a mascara, and eyeshadow all for 3 bucks not bad 💁 Ladies feel free to be jealous and to add the lovely @makeupfairy04 💋

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You can’t see it but he was in tears when he was free styling. I can relate to what every word he says and it’s just coming out straight from the heart of what he still feels.

Holy shit

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